Monday, 4 March 2013

Weather Update

"Luck and strength go together.  When you get lucky you have the strength to follow through; you also have to have the strength to wait for the luck." Mario Puzo

We were due to start the ski today; however the blizzard which has engulfed Resolute for the past 36hrs and was due to clear late last night still rages on.  Having spoken with various weather experts, the weather is improving and the blizzard is almost gone.  However, the issue remains the high winds which is continuing to blow snow everywhere and is reducing visibility to about 400m.  

The weather charts show that the winds will die down later today and although still predicted to be gusting tomorrow, the conditions should be better to allow us to start.  But with the winds blowing from the east, once we get into the lee side of Cornwallis Island conditions will be far more sheltered - but that is at least a 2 day ski away.

Although Hannibal said "Chance favours only those who know how to court her", and i have been in this position before with the weather.  Whilst i want to start, and i know that Kev just wants to get on the ice; the sensible decision is to wait for the storm to fully break and allow ourselves a few days of fair weather to get into routine.  The preparation for the trip has been rushed because of external work issues, and maybe this delay will be a blessing as it will allow us both to take stock - i know i need to.

So with memories of 2 years ago, another delay.  But it is having to make these decisions which reinforces why trips like this and adventure training in general is so good for the Armed Forces; it reinforces decision making and accountability for your own actions!  However, it does mean that i have to spend more time in the Co-Op Hotel, which with my stay record needs to adopt a frequent stayer programme! 

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