Sunday, 13 February 2011

Saturday - The coldest and harshest yet

After a wild Friday night in Res Bay (in bed by 10) we headed out this morning to conduct some more training with the stoves and new tent.  As we left the hotel we immediately felt the cutting wind, not on our torsos or hands as the clothing is proving to be excellent, but on our faces.  We soon had our hoods up with the fur ruffs providing a good level of protection.  It was around -35 with a wind-chill taking the temperature down to below -50.

We trekked out on to the frozen sea ice of the bay to find a spot to erect the tent.  The wind was howling and we could hear a whining husky pack tethered in the snow near-by.  Our inexperience with the new tent was soon highlighted in the demanding conditions.  We struggled a number of times to get the tent to stay up before eventually we managed to get the pegs and poles secure.  Once the tent was up I moved inside to start work on getting the stoves going while Matt finished off outside, having to put snow on the valances and then make sure all the poles and peg lines were secure.

Inside the tent I was quickly able to light a candle, which I used to warm the stove pumps.  In no time I had one of the stoves lit and the temperature in the tent immediately started to increase.  Matt soon joined me for a respite from the wind and cold.

The rest of the morning was spent doing more of the same, before we headed back to the hotel for lunch, more kit preparation and a trip to the local shop (the only shop) to pick up our pre-ordered butter (17kgs) and bacon (6kgs).

….And then on to another crazy weekend evening in Resolute Bay. The evening was spent decanting packets of fruit flakes and 50 grams of chocolate into 60 individual lunch bags, exciting!!!!

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