Sunday, 2 March 2014

Insights into Kev's World

We woke up this morning after a windy night at Resolute, the Blizzard warning which had been in force was cancelled and the sky is currently crystal clear blue, but the wind gusts in and out every so often. We continued with our food preparation, this time making biscuit sandwiches that we will be eating for our breakfast on the mornings of day 11 - 25. As you can see from the picture, it takes some precision, 4 biscuits, 50g of butter and a dollop of peanut butter or Nutella. This was another of Matt's fortes, I watched in awe as he cleaned his table down, donned a white apron (tastefully embroidered with his initials), and even produced an in date 'food handling hygiene certificate' to say I was impressed is an understatement (Matt's note - this really did happen in Kev's world!). In half the time it took to make mine, his were sealed in cling-film and packed away.

After this we went back up to the airport to tie up details with 'Borek Air' who will be picking us up at our final destination of Isachsen at the end of our expedition.  Back down to the hotel this afternoon we continued to re-acquaint ourselves with the stoves, practice makes perfect.

We are putting the final additions into each daily food bag, we have 35 in total, each one having a morning meal, a evening meal, various hot drink ingredients, supplements for each day, ranging from small cheeses to flapjacks, chewing gum for cleaning teeth and a pair of hand-warming gel pads that will go in our gloves each day. The final addition to each bag is our ski march rations that comprise of a bag of chocolate and nuts that we will munch on as we ski.

This evening we are going to catch up for a quick brew with the North Pole expedition teams from the South Camp Hotel who visited us last night, then we have a few more things to complete, this includes,sorting personal kit and equipment, and working out our final prep for tomorrow. 

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