Friday, 3 December 2010

The Immersion Suit

This afternoon was one we had been dreading – the test of the new Brenig immersion suit.  This big yellow human shaped bag is designed to be put on over your clothes allowing you to get into the water and swim across open stretches.  The temperature down at our chosen test lake hovered just below -10 and it was an experience!

However, the suit did exactly what it says on the tin – it allowed us to go for a swim…….now looking forward to using it in anger next year.

Getting ready.....

It was as cold as it looks!

Matt trying to swim - on his back

Adopting the position - if only because it was the only one we could adopt!

Yep its cold water

Jules dressed to go for a swim

Jules demonstrating the arm waving motion

The real question is why?

And this doesnt answer the question!

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